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Increase Your Profits by Direct

Most grass farmers don't know how, how much, when, or where to sell their grass-fed meats or milk for the highest profits. Farm Fresh, Direct Marketing Meats & Milk supplies the answers to these questions and many more. Farm Fresh shows graziers how they can increase their income by as much as 30 percent by direct marketing.

Detailed chapters explain how to get started or improve existing direct market sales. Allan Nation explains how to prepare a business and marketing plan. They're not the same, and you need both. He offers suggestions on how to name your products, set prices, adding products, find and keep customers, and prosper as a niche marketer.

Nearly 100 real farm examples of grass farmers throughout the USA are represented with information rich direct marketing tips. These producers are successfully selling eggs, milk, cheese, and dairy products, and meat from grass-finished beef, lamb, bison, goats, ducks, rabbits, pigs, pheasants, chickens, turkeys, deer and other farm products.

Who will benefit from this book?

* Anyone who is thinking about direct marketing meats or milk. Direct marketers who want to boost their current sales and customer numbers.

* Grass farmers who want to take home all the profits rather than share lower commodity prices with a middleman.

An Excellent Companion Book to Grassfed to Finish

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