Do you know how to cut your current feed costs in half?

Do you know how to cut your current feed costs in half?

Packed with info you'll want to read and reread!

QUALITY PASTURE, How to create it, manage it, and profit from it, by Allan Nation, offers down-to-earth, low-cost tactics to create high-energy pasture that will reduce or eliminate expensive inputs or purchased feeds. This is the first book of its kind directed solely toward ranchers and farmers who are beginning or practicing management-intensive grazing with ruminant livestock.

Chapters include:

*Tips for wet weather grazing,

*Examples of real people making real profits,

*How to create a drought management plan,

*Action tips you can begin using now,

*Matching stocking rates with pasture growth rates,

*Extending the grazing season during winter and summer slumps,

*Plus a detailed section on making pasture silage.

The author, Allan Nation, has been the editor of the Stockman Grass Farmer since 1977. The son of a commercial cattle rancher, Nation has traveled the world studying grassland farming systems and incorporates successful practices from graziers in New Zealand, Ireland, Argentina, and North America.


* "Among the people I admire most in agriculture are those who advocate new ideas and practices with unwavering conviction, passion and strength of will ... Allan Nation speaks with the same passion he puts into his writing." -Loren Kruse, Successful Farming

* "If (Nation) doesn't create controversy and spark some soul searching, particularly in the cattle business, both beef and dairy, it isn't for lack of effort." -Maurice Telleen, Draft Horse Journal

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