December 1 and 2, Harrisburg, PA

The ultimate in healthy foods are dairy products made with milk from cows fed absolutely NO grain. Yes, it can be done! It pays incredibly well but it requires a different knowledge base than grain supplemented pastured dairy cows. Here are some reasons you should consider this new niche.

* How would you like to earn $10,000 a cow and have your winters off?

* How about over $1,000 for a pastured veal calf?

* Or $5,000 for a grassfed dairy steer?

These are real prices, that real farmers are getting in the Northeast today! You'll hear their personal stories at this conference.

Also, organic grain prices are currently very high and are predicted to go even higher. Feeding organic grain virtually erases any profit increase from Certified Organic's higher pay rate.

At this conference you will see how just a dozen or so dairy cows can make you a professional level income. By that we mean an income equal to a doctor or lawyer.

Most dairy producers refuse to believe, or even seek to hear the details of no grain dairy production, which is really good news for innovators like you as it means prices will stay high for a very long time.

Currently prices for 100% Grassfed Dairy Products are EXTREMELY high.

No-grain dairy production is the ultimate income producer for a small acreage farm.

And, the ultimate health food for consumers!

Subjects to be covered include:
* Legal Certified Ray Fluid Milk
* Farmstead Cheese, Butter, Cream and Yogurt Production
* Grass Fed Suckled Veal
* Dual-Purpose Dairy Cows
* Whey Fed Pork Production
* Once-A-Day Milking
* Seasonal Milking
* Organic Dairy Health
* ...and much, much more

Speakers include award winning 100% grass farmstead cheese makers Jonathan White and Trent Hendricks. Dual Purpose dairy/beef grassfed production will be presented by Vermont grazier, Douglas Flack.

The unique health aspects of 100% grass milk will be covered by Sally Fallon of the Weston A. Price Foundation and Dr. Tilak Dhiman of Utah State University.

Organic dairy cow health will be covered by Dr. William Winter of Minneapolis and the secrets of producing high brix (energy) cool-season pastures by Doug Gunnink of Minnesota.

SGF editor, Allan Nation, will review all the facts we used to know about producing milk fat from grass but have forgotten.

There will also be an evening discussion of easy-to-produce ancillary products that every grass dairyman should consider.

This is your chance to get in on the ground floor of something new that is going to be big!

Space is extremely limited but $100 will hold your place. total cost is only $500.

We have negotiated a discounted hotel rate of $89 at the Harrisburg East Holiday Inn where the conference will be held. Call the hotel direct at 717-939-7841 before October 31. After that date room rates rise to $139. So don't delay, and be sure to tell them you're with the Stockman Grass Farmer meeting.

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December 1 and 2, 2006 • Harrisburg, Pennsylvania





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