Dianne Miller, Rotokawa Cattle Co., Hardwick, MA: "Thank you for the wonderful customer service."

Dan Shepherd, Shepherd Farms, Clifton Hill, MO: "Thanks to you and Allan and The Stockman Grass Farmer, we sold over 6 million dollars of seed during the years we advertised."

Robert Cain, SeaAgri, Atlanta, GA: "We receive 4 - 5 calls per week from our ads with SGF."

Kit Pharo, Pharo Cattle Company, Cheyenne Wells, CO: "Call 1-800-748-9808 to subscribe to The Stockman GrassFarmer. I guarantee the subscription cost will be one of the very best investments you have ever made."

Jonathan Rupert, Smith Seeds, Halsey, OR: We've had some good response so far from the ad!

Tyler Jones, Afton Farm, Corvallis, OR: The response to our ads in SGF has been fantastic! We have already filled most of our spaces for this event!

Ann Molloy, Neptune's Harvest Fertilizer, Gloucester, MA: I've been advertising with SGF for several years with great success. I'd say they are our #1 paper for actual sales generated.

Fran Trott, Alpha Ag Inc., Plymouth, IL: The Stockman Grass Farmer is essential to our business operations. Our customer base stretches from Atlantic to Pacific and there are SGF readers spanning that area who inquire about and purchase our products on a regular basis. We hold the SGF in high esteem as a dependable source of information on grazing, as well as a necessary advertising tool to continue reaching graziers and expanding our business.

Morgan Hartman, Black Queen Angus Farm, LLC, Berlin, NY: "This event would not have come off anywhere near as well without our ads in Stockman Grass Farmer Magazine. The help we got from you in designing our ads...and the customer service were tops. Follow that service up with the great response, 200 people from six states and Canada, and there is no doubt in my mind we will advertise with Stockman Grass Farmer for next year's Winter Green-up Grazing Conference, in addition to continuing to advertise our Angus farm in the Grass Farmer directory pages. That too has led to...inquiries and sales."

Jeff Mattocks, The Fertrell Company, Bainbridge, PA: The highest percentage of callers say they saw our ad in The Stockman Grass Farmer!

Sam Wylie, Octoraro Angus, Breezewood, PA: My SGF ads produce more response than my breed journal ads!

Ralph Voss, Voss Land Cattle Co. LP, Linn, MO: I am a long-time reader, but I ran my first ad in SGF's directory ... and have been delighted with the results. I'm most impressed with the quality of the people that have contacted me.

Greg Judy, High Density Grazing Seminar, Clark, MO: We just sold out our October grazing school in 1 week with the SGF ad!!!! Your paper is great!

Jim Truax, Truax Co. Inc., Minneapolis, MN: We get tremendous results from SGF. We get more response on your ads than anywhere else we run; and we run in a lot of publications.

Mike Wichman, Wick’s Livestock Nutrition, Atkinson, NE: I am so pleased with my first ad in The Stockman Grass Farmer. My phone hasn't stopped ringing!

Barbara Wright, The Wright Place Fencing, Reading, MI: We get calls from all over the country. People read SGF!

Dick Diven, Agri Concepts, Tucson, AZ: You and your staff at SGF have served our needs extremely well. The presentation and location of our ads for the Beef Cattle Nutrition Schools have been most satisfactory...We like the way you do business.

Kerri Vaughan, Medi-Dart Co., Alberta, Canada: We've advertised in six different magazines in the U.S. The others just don't compare with the response we've gotten in SGF. The response has been great!

Jeremy Husen, Marketing Director, Barenbrug USA:"We absolutely rely on your publication to help in our marketing endeavors."


New York Times, June 1, 2005: "The Stockman Grass Farmer is the bible for people raising animals on pasture."

Jon Koula, Westby, Wisconsin: Your magazine is the only farm magazine I get and is by far the most informative. The goal has been to produce cattle that will do well on grass and be able to do well over our Wisconsin winters without grain.

Brian Hopta, West Plains, Misssouri: I really enjoy my subscription to the Stockman Grass Farmer. It is very enlightening and has provided me with a wealth of information to improve my grass farm operation.

Ken McCarthy, New York: More often than not, there's more business sense in your columns and profiles than in the Wall Street Journal. Turning sunlight into protein with "partners" that replicate themselves. I seriously doubt mankind will ever improve on that formula no matter how sophisticated we get.

Vaughan Jones, Grazing Consultant, New Zealand: The Stockman Grass Farmer is the world's best pasture magazine.

Bill Jeffery, Tenderheart Cattle Company, Ontario, Canada: Since I began my subscription to your paper, it has cost me over $3,000 in seeds, fencing and watering supplies from your advertisers!





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