February 15th, 16th, & 17th, 2012 Jackson, Mississippi

No doubt you have sensed the unease that pervades our society today. It feels like the whole world is ready to panic at the first loud "Boo!" Luckily, grassfed is growing by leaps and bounds and is the economy's number one good news story. While some have seized this opportunity and are running with it, most are hanging back due to the lack of a well thought out plan of how and where to start.

This school is designed to give you the personal confidence you need to get off of dead center. It will deal exclusively with the business part of the grassfed business and is not a production school. This school will show you how you can grow a small business without taking on debt or outside investors. It is designed for people with no formal training in finance or accounting and will be presented in plain “cowboy English” by Stockman Grass Farmer editor, Allan Nation, his wife, Carolyn Nation, and their business partner, Glinda Davenport. The business principles presented here are not theoretical but have been used by SGF’s management to grow a business from near-bankruptcy to a thriving 33-year-old family business with 14 employees. And, these principles will work in any business.


* How to avoid the most costly business startup errors.
* How to use compensation formulas to create self-managing employees.
* How to restart a struggling, deep-in-debt business.
* How to create your own unique profit formula.
* How to design a marketing structure to maximize cash flow.
* How to live largely on “before tax” dollars.
* How to find your own special niche.
* How to create an action profit plan.
*How you can become your family’s banker and insurer.
* How to create more personal leisure time with no loss in income.
*How a holonic growth plan can make lots of room for others.
*How to separate your business from your personal life.
* How to determine whether or not to bring your child into the business.
*How much to pay a child or spouse coming into the business.
* How to work harmoniously with your spouse.
* How to determine what size business is “big enough.”
* How to retire into your business rather than from it.
*Plus, how replacement inventory accounting lowers risk, improves cash flow and saves taxes; how food farmers managed to prosper during the Great Depression and some good ideas on family business management from the mafia.


People just thinking of starting a business.
People in the struggle stage of a new business.
People who would like to bring children into their business.
People who would like to restart their existing operation in another direction.

This two and a half day school is limited to only 26 attendees to maximize personal attention. It also includes a 40-plus page workbook to minimize personal note taking. However, there is writing involved. You will come home with a written multi-year business plan to discuss with your management team. You will know where you are financially and where you can realistically go with your business in the future. The tuition to the school is only $850 and you can hold your place by making a non-refundable deposit of $100. The tuition does not include lodging or all meals.

Don’t let the doom and gloomers cause you to miss a major opportunity in the fast-growing grassfed industry. Call The Stockman Grass Farmer at 800-748-9808 today or sign up online here. The school will begin at 8:30 AM on the 20th, Wednesday, and end at 12 noon on the 22th, Friday. Now a very special school for the times we are living in...GROWING A GRASSFED BASED BUSINESS IN DIFFICULT TIMES.

Hotel information will come with your confirmation letter. The tuition does not include lodging or all meals.

$100.00 Deposit for Business School 3

$850.00 Payment in full for Business School 3


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