By Carolyn Nation

Do you know what you're selling and who your customers are?

For the first time, a marketing handbook dedicated to grassfed products is now available from Green Park Press and the Stockman Grass Farmer.

Marketing Grassfed Products Profitably by Allan Nation’s wife, Carolyn, goes beyond the basics to show how to make your grassfed products stand out from the competition. And it shares low and no-cost marketing strategies that anyone can use to increase sales and profits.

Most grass farmers begin their marketing at farmers’ markets. While these venues can be a lot of work, they serve as an important step in growing your profits. Marketing Grassfed Products Profitably shows how to maximize the time spent at farmers’ markets to build a loyal customer base. It takes direct marketers beyond these markets with suggestions on setting up a farm store and reveals how to utilize all the resources on your grass farm to stand alone against the competition.

Chapters include internet selling, database marketing, Buyers Clubs, pricing, and how to address price objections. It explains how to put a professional spin on everything from your invoices to your incoming phone calls. And it offers numerous examples of marketers who are thinking outside the box to make their grassfed businesses one-of-a-kind.

Allan Nation writes in the Preface: “There have been whole books written about gender differences and their effect on marketing, however, I hope I have shown with a few examples why a woman probably should be doing the ranch’s consumer marketing. While this book is written by a woman with a female audience in mind, the marketing principles are universal. With this book, those guys among us can learn to be better marketers as well, and maybe have a better understanding of our spouses too.”

Softcover. 368 pages.

Weight. 1.5 pounds.

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