If Bermudagrass or Bahia Is Your Base Forage And You Are Tired Of Making And Feeding Hay, Then This Unique Stockman Grass Farmer Grazing School Is Definitely For You!

Taught by Jim Gerrish and Allan Nation

Houston, Texas

Thursday & Friday,March 23-24, 2006

Ranch Tour Option! Saturday, March 25

Warm season forages, such as bermudagrass and bahiagrass, form the core of many Southern and Southwestern grazing operations.
These fast-growing, but highly seasonal grasses, offer a real challenge to even the most sophisticated graziers. All too often, graziers wind up feeding hay for as long as 150 days a year. This is virtually the same as in Minnesota!

However, by using Management-Intensive Grazing, bermuda and bahia can be spun out into a year around, no-hay grazing program.

Getting The Hay Out of your operation is the single most important thing you can do to increase the profitability of your grazing operation. The Bermudagrass Belt can be among the lowest cost regions in both cow-calf and seasonal stocker production if hay feeding is eliminated.

Taught by Jim Gerrish, author of the best-selling book Management-intensive Grazing and SGF editor, Allan Nation, this school is designed to present the "whole" necessary for a profitable grass-based operation in bermudagrass country.

A major emphasis of this school is the correct sequence of implementing grazing technology so that it literally "pays for itself", through dramatically lower inputs.

Subjects to be covered at this school include:

* How to design a low-labor operation.
* How to determine your region’s unfair production and marketing advantage.
* How to completely eliminate hay feeding with grazing management.
* How to integrate overseeded annual ryegrass by "hoof and tooth".
* How to choose the best calving season for maximum fertility.
* How to wean yourself from nitrogen fertilizer.
* How to graze weeds.
* How to grow legumes in bermudagrass and avoid bloat.
* How to fight flies and internal parasites - naturally.

Developing a farm or ranch from the grass up is definitely a game of "first things first". You’ll save yourself thousands of dollars in unnecessary expenditures and years of frustration by making this school the "first thing" you do.


As an added learning venue, we are offering an all day tour to Puzzlewood Ranch near Houston. This ranch was designed by New Zealand ag-engineer, Leith Pemberton, and is probably the most sophisticated MIG ranch in North America.
The 6000 acre ranch grazes thousands of sheep and cattle and yet can be run with only 1.5 labor units because it was designed to be a low-labor operation. You will see first-hand how well thought out fence layout and design eliminates the need for labor.

This ranch has never been open to the public before and is something you will really want to see. This tour is available only to participants of the school and their spouses and is $75 per person.
Due to bus and lunch arrangements, you must make a reservation for the Ranch Tour and pay the fee of $75.00 by March 1, 2006.

Reserve a spot for "GET THE HAY OUT!" with $100 immediately! The total cost of this school is only $350. The balance is due on or before March 10, 2006.

You can sign up 3 ways:
Print and return the coupon below
Call the SGF office at 1-800-748-9808 and reserve your space
or sign up online.


A special lodging rate of $89 is available from the Marriott Houston North at Greenspoint, if you reserve before March 8. Call the Marriott direct at 281-875-4000. Be sure to tell them you’re with the Stockman Grass Farmer School.

March 23-24, 2006 • Houston, Texas

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$100 deposit per person. Include $75 per person if signing up for the tour.
SGF • P.O. Box 2300 • Ridgeland, MS 39158-2300 • 1-800-748-9808

$100.00 Reserve Space
$350.00 Enroll
$75.00 Enroll Ranch Tour

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